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images-QuestImage-ID-10080897There’s a myth floating around that email marketing is dead. Actually, email marketing is at its all-time-high. It has never been more alive. What do you see on every website you go to? They ask for your email, right? Whether it’s for a weekly newsletter, a product promotion, or a sales promotion, businesses want your email so they can reach you with their updates and promos. And customers and clients are using these emails.

People sign in to their email daily (sometimes several times a day), and some even receive notifications directly to their smart phones 24/7. Some might argue email marketing has been on the decline due to social media. Social media is important to reach audiences, yes, but email marketing has been proving real results. And here’s why: Continue reading “The Importance of Targeted Email Lists and Why Your Business Should Have One” »

shutterstock_247124653edit-292x195It’s actually really tough for some people to leave work at work when they go on vacation. If you consider yourself a workaholic, then you might be one of those people. It can be difficult to leave behind your emails, your communication, your to-do list, and everything else that comes to mind at work. If you’re a manager, boss, or owner, leaving all that at home is especially difficult. You might ask yourself, how will the company keep going without me? What if something pressing happens while I’m away? What if too many people call in sick and no one is there to handle the work? It’s all those how’s and what if’s that create unnecessary levels of stress when you should be relaxing on vacation. Continue reading “How to Leave Work at Work on Vacation” »

CTA_BuildARobotThere’s a kid inside all of us, and its hard to not to get a bit excited again when we see the newest tech toys roll out ever year. Here are a few of the top tech toys we’ll be seeing towards the end of 2013.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

LEGO grew up with the 21st century, and their building sets seem to as well. The new Mindstorms EV3 are robot building kits that can be remote controlled. These awesome build it yourself robots won’t be available till the later half of 2016, but lookout for them on the shelves of all toy stores for the upcoming holiday season.

Toy Helicopter

Move over remote controlled cars, flying helicopters are now the top selling remote controlled toy on the market today. Just a few years ago, toy helicopters were extremely expensive, could only last about 15 minutes in the air, and could break or be damaged quite easily. Toy developers have made significant improvements to make them better, and more competition has helped keep prices low.

Board Games with Apps

Everyone remembers the good ol’ days when all you needed was shoots and ladders or monopoly to have a great afternoon. Those games are still around today, but there’s a bit more involved than there was before. Hasbro now offers downloadable apps that pair with Monopoly and The Game of Life.

What’s your favorite tech toy? Let us know!

Technology-at-your-Wedding-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-Every bride and groom wants to impress their guests with an amazing wedding ceremony and reception. In today’s age, with technology advancing every second, a wedding couple can wow their guests with some tech savvy ideas that are straight from the future. Your wedding guests will be impressed with a tech savvy wedding. Here are some of the latest trends you can include on your big day: Continue reading “Tech Savvy Things to Try at Your Wedding” »

415x250Whether you’re studying abroad, or simply going abroad for a vacation, it’s important to be mindful of how much or how little technology you plan to use. People are often buried in their smart phones today, without giving a thought of looking up. But it’s also okay to share your experiences on social media–moderately, though. Here are the do’s and don’ts of using technology overseas: Continue reading “Do’s and Don’ts of Technology Abroad” »

chuyen-gia-my-tron-mat-khi-nguoi-tq-chuong-phim-tro-nang-tren-iphone-thay-vi-nut-homeThe Apple Operating System has become a huge part of everyone’s everyday lives. We have iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. Becuase of these widely-used devices, accessibility is also included in the systems. Apple has always been good at improving technology and providing the ulimate experience on its user interface, and they never fail to deliver. Here are some iOS accessibility features you may not know about: Continue reading “iOS Accessibility Features You May Not Know” »

attractive-workspace-also-personal-character-will-useWhen decorating your office, you want it to tell a story. Simple and low key can make a statement within itself, but elegant office spaces say much more. Whether you are shopping for a new office space or wanting looking to breathe new life into your current office, there are eight factors to keep in mind. Continue reading “Creating An Elegant Work Space” »

121205_googleplus_005We’ve all been there. Messy desk. Long list of to-dos. Too many phone calls about the same thing. Some days in the office can be a bit hectic, but there are certainly some ways to stay organized with all the tasks at hand throughout the day, and not everyone can afford a real-life personal assistant reminding them of all the events and plans they have in their calender.

That’s why we have cell phones, computers and tablets. Here the 5 best personal assistant apps to keep you organized: Continue reading “3 Personal Assistant Apps that Will Keep You Organized at Work” »

60082Rivet PlainWhich Type of Riveting is Better?

It all depends on the application you wish to use the riveting for. Each form of riveting has a different process, time-constraint, and application. For example, as we’ll discuss in a moment, orbital riveting is often used for vehicles, but the pressing of each rivet take a couple seconds longer than it would for impact riveting, which involves more force.

A rivet is a simple, permanent fastener, used for many applications from rail bridges to vehicles. A rivet has a smooth rod-shaped shaft and a head on one end. To install, the rivet is placed in a punched hole with the headless end of the rivet beaten down in place to secure two malleable pieces together.

Orbital Riveting

Continue reading “The Three Types of Riveting Broken Down” »

mobile-hotspotWiFi was proposed in the early 90s, and since, have provided Internet users with convenient access to the World Wide Web through the wireless local area network (WLAN) with the help of a router. The difference between WiFi and hotspots, however, is that WiFi runs through a wirless router, while a hotspot is a wireless acces point provided by a hardware device, such as a phone.

The problem with WiFi, however, is that it’s not always where you need it–in the car, on a train, or even in a hotel. Sometimes, you have to pay for Internet in hotels or businesses, but hotspots are giving users the convenience of having Internet access wherever you need it. Continue reading “Why Hotspots Are Better than Traditional WiFi” »