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Technology is a magical thing. Love is a magical thing. And when the two come together, you get something truly wonderful. More and more couples on their way to matrimonial bliss are embracing the use of technology to make their wedding day unique, special, and hassle-free.

1. Create a wedding website to provide guests with lodging options, details about the event, and even an eco-friendly way to RSVP. Your crazy aunt may still call you 100 times pre-wedding, but some of your more tech-savvy friends may not.

2. Use online or mobile budgeting applications like to make sure you stick to your wedding budget.

3. Change your Facebook relationship status to “married” immediately after you say “I do” (if you’re into that kind of thing).

4. Screen a custom-movie before you and your spouse make your grand reception entrance. A journey through your lives together will make your guests even more emotional than they already were.

5. Use Google Docs to keep track of guest lists, to-do lists, and all the other lists that come about by collaborating with your spouse and bridal party virtually.

6. Easily gather all of your guests’ photos from the big day by asking them to use a special hashtag when posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

7. Research vendors using social media. Most will showcase their work on sites like Facebook, and you can also see some of the comments and interactions they’ve had from recent clients.

8. If you are having a destination wedding or have loved ones who can’t make it to your special day, stream the service using Live Vows so that everyone can be a part of it.

9. Pinterest. Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest. If you haven’t already, check out this social media site to get inspired by creative brides everywhere.

10. And finally, don’t forget to tell your guests to turn off their own technological devices so you don’t have ringtones interrupting your ceremony!

About the Author: These tech tips were brought to you by Samantha from Arsenic & Old Lace, specializing in romantic and intimate Eureka Springs weddings.

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