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The First Day of Summer has passed and now we are officially in the middle of the warm months of Summer. It can be tempting to keep your air conditioner off to save on utility bills. Sometimes it gets so hot you just need to keep it running all day. You might even notice something is off about your air conditioner if you haven’t been running it since last summer. Here are some signs that you will need an air conditioner repair to stay cool for the summer.

Lack of air flow

You feel the air right next to the vent, but you can’t feel it in the rest of the house. You could also feel the cool air in one room, but it’s hot in another. This is a big sign that you need to call a technician to get your air conditioner fixed. Minimal air flow could be a compressor, or worse, something is wrong with your ducts which can be bad for you and your family’s health. If it is the ducts, it could just be a matter of getting your ducts cleaned.

Kicking out hot air

You’ve checked your thermostat multiple times to make sure it’s set on air, but your air conditioner is kicking out hot air instead of cold. If you have central air conditioning, your heat and air conditioning run out of the same system. However, when you switch it to cool, the refrigerant and coil cool the air that comes out of the system. There could be debris in the outside unit that is blocking the cool air, the filter is dirty, or there’s a problem with the air compressor or refrigerant.

Thermostat doesn’t work

This isn’t necessarily a problem with the air conditioner itself but will prevent you from using the air conditioner. Your thermostat could be too old or the temperature that it’s set at doesn’t reflect what you feel in the house. Try troubleshooting by setting it five degrees below or above the desired temperature first. It’s still worth calling an air conditioner technician for their recommendation on replacement or repair.

While repairs are a good idea to save money on a replacement, sometimes you may just need to replace the air conditioner. If the air conditioner is old or you plan on living in your current home for a while, a replacement is a better idea. A good rule of thumb is to multiply the age of the unit with the repair cost. If it’s over $5,000, replace the unit.

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