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When you think of tech start-ups making it big, your mind probably immediately makes the jump to Silicon Valley. Nowadays though, tech start-ups are springing into existence in all corners of the country. It seems that today there is nowhere that you can’t start a technology company. Still, there are some areas where resources are plentiful and the right steps are being taken to help ensure success. Here are 5 of our favorites.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has been doing great work at the governmental level to attract entrepreneurs in all sectors. Legislation including the Ben Franklin Partnership has created a great start-up environment state-wide. Pittsburgh edges out other metropolises like Philadelphia because it also has the additional resources of Carnegie Mellon, a very prestigious university.

Seattle, Washington

Tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon have pulled resources for entrepreneurs to Seattle as if they were magnets. Aside from being one of the top cities in the nation for young people, Seattle also boasts a hugh number of patents per capita and a huge level of investment.

Upstate New York

New York’s “Tech Valley” encompasses┬áthe Capital Region, Adirondacks/North Country, Hudson Valley and Mohawk Valley. With over a dozen chambers of commerce coming together to support technology companies, resources abound in the area. The proximity to NYC offers all of the resources that a city provides within a reasonable distance, and the upstate region has plenty of educational and business opportunities.

Chicago, Illinois

Not typically hailed as a technology paradise, Chicago has been building up tech cred since Groupon and Orbitz, which are headquartered in the Windy City, made it big. Some reports claim that a new company starts up in Chicago every 48 hours. Not a bad vibe to get started in.

Boulder, Colorado

This mountainous technology hub is able to pull a ton of investment capital because due to the University of Colorado being located there. The city has an innovative vibe, with a high number of patents per capita and a percentage of people working in creative pursuits far higher than the national average.

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