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Email TipsA while back, Forbes was collecting letters so you could send “an email time capsule” to yourself in the future. The idea was that you could send an email to yourself to arrive in either 1, 3, 5, 10, or 20 years time. Although their experiment has long been closed, there still are sites that allow you to send these types of emails.

Of course, my first thought was that this system relied on you keeping the same email address for the next 20 years. (Personally, I’m using a completely different email address from when I first started using the internet, about 8 years ago now. In fact I think I’m using a different email address from what I was using 5 years ago.)

The first time capsule email I sent myself is set for five years from now and begins with something along the lines of I can’t believe you’re still checking this email account (I can’t actually remember the line I wrote and I won’t find out for another five year, damn frustrating!!) So anyway, once again I got to thinking… What should you send?

1. A love letter to the partner who you know you will always love as you know that the breakup is only temporary.

2. A list!!! Hey, why not? Everyone loves lists. Some people maybe a bit too much. You could send a boring list like a shopping list which will amaze or confuse your future self as you wonder why you ever thought tinned spaghetti was ever good.

3. The dream you had last night (if you had one) . Wouldn’t it be amazing to think in twenty years time that “Twenty years ago on this day I woke up from a dream about looking cool about town and chasing a woman up a crazy spiral staircase only to find her dead” or something to that effect. (Yes I worry about myself too)

4. The actual events going on around you at that moment in time. Everyone wants to read what they were up to in the past even if they do receive a message which states “I’m typing an email to my future self”.

5. SPAM. Maybe in ten years time you’ll suddenly find a use for all those emails offering you viagra, a free iPod and a credit card that will take you another ten years to pay off.

6. An invoice. Why should I pay something off when he could?

7. ASCII art. Luckily you can’t include attachments or otherwise we’d all end up with embarrassing or depressing pictures of our past. At least with ASCII art the people of the future can be impressed with our classy computing abilities.

8. A secret. If you’re going to tell somebody, it might as well be yourself.


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