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google and appleMillions of iPhone users would be quick to say that Apple can do no wrong. That is, until they start complaining about the new lightning connector for iPhone 5, or their frenemy Siri. For a long time, Apple seemed untouchable, but now it seems that Apple has more rivals than it knows what to do with and the competition is starting to get ugly.

Take, for example, this pretty funny anecdote that hit the news yesterday. An article circulated the Internet yesterday alleging that Samsung paid its $1 billion fine to Apple (from the results of this lawsuit) in trucks of nickels sent to Apple’s headquarters. The story originated on El Deforma, Mexico’s version of The Onion, and was quickly debunked by real news sites who were quick to point out that the fine is not yet payable, and, in any case, $1 billion in nickels would require approximately 2,800 trucks. The real news here is that so many people believed the story. Besides proving the gullibility of the American public, it also demonstrates that we are all too aware that Apple isn’t making many friends in the technology sector.

In real news, Phillip Schiller, head of marketing at Apple, did diss Samsung when he slammed Android software the day before the launch of their new smartphone. This news had many speculating whether Apple was losing its cool, and its competitive edge.

This competitiveness isn’t just between Apple and Samsung. We’ve all heard about the power struggles between Apple and Google as they work to assert power as top tech giants. Google Now, an application with intuitive features that take aim at Apple’s Siri, just launched on iOS and has received very positive reviews so far. And now Apple has announced an iTunes radio service that is looking to take the place of rivals Spotify and Pandora.

The power struggles between Apple and its many competitors are interesting to watch, especially since Apple enjoyed its spot as the coolest of the tech companies for so long. Whether or not Apple keeps its place on the throne, one thing is sure: consumers are sure to benefit from the innovations that result from this constant race to the top.

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