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When you think of Alaska, you’re most likely thinking miles of uncharted wilderness, wild animals, and snow. While Alaska may be the place to get away from it all, you can also explore Alaska with popular smartphone apps. Here are some apps that you should download before your Alaska vacation or Alaska train tour.

Aurora Forecast

If you’ve always wanted to see the northern lights, Alaska is the place to do it. The app has live activity from NOAA and graphs that show the best dates and times to see the Aurora Borealis. You can get notifications about activity straight to your phone and predictions for prime viewing times and locations.

Travel Alaska

This GPS driven app is your guide to all things Alaska. You can allow the app to know your location and you’ll see nearby attractions, restaurant, and shops right on the app. The app is full of audio guides, photos, and videos to enhance your experience of a destination. You’ll find weather information, reviews and be able to interact with other travelers on the best things to do wherever you are.

All Trails

Find the best hiking, biking, and running trails anywhere. You’ll get maps based on distance and skill level and reviews from other users. You can filter the trails based on if they’re dog-friendly or kid friendly too. With the app, you can follow along whatever trail you choose with the GPS tracker feature.

National Parks Wildlife Guide

In Alaska, there are 15 national parks, preserves and historic sites to explore. Explore the national parks with this app and includes all of the wildlife you’ll encounter while in the park. You can search the app by which¬†park you’re visiting and take a look at facts on the mammals, birds, plants and insects that live there. Be sure to check out the National Parks by National Geographic app for interactive guides, visitor information, photos and maps of the national parks.

Alaska Dining

Alaska isn’t short of delicious dining options, including their famous seafood restaurants. You can enable notifications for specials and restaurant events near you. The list of restaurants includes photos, location information, daily specials, menus and the option to make a reservation.

Pocket Universe

Alaska is known for its unpolluted night skies that are perfect for stargazing. This app is perfect for the stargazer in you. The astronomy app has moon and star information, augmented reality views of the night sky, and information on the sunset for any particular night.

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