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The next evolution of marketing campaigns is here: SMS marketing. If you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon of this marketing strategy it is about time you did. Brands look to target customers on the move, and SMS marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to reach these customers. SMS Marketing is far easier than companies perceive, and there are countless benefits to using it in your next marketing campaign.sms

SMS Marketing Gets Personal

As a sender, your message has the ability to land right in the hand of your recipient. As soon as you send your message it goes straight to your customer’s mobile phones. SMS marketing is one of the fastest ways to get your message right where you want your customers to see it. It also allows you to reach your customers wherever they may be.

Instant Opt-In and Opt-Out

By using short codes your customers can opt-in and opt-out of your SMS stream. By asking your customer to opt-in to your SMS stream, tell them to reply with a specific keyword. This one simple step allows customers to quickly decide whether they want to keep getting alerts from your company. And since you aren’t asking for any personal information, customers will most likely respond with the keyword. This method is extremely beneficial when you push out a sale at the same time. For example, “Today the entire store is 25% off when you show this text message at checkout. To receive future deals like these reply YES. To unsubscribe reply STOP.”

Short and Sweet Messages

SMS marketing requires a 160-character length for your message, which forces you to be short and sweet with your message. Instead of writing multiple sentences about the sale, event, or promotion that your company is having, SMS marketing makes you to get to the point immediately. When customers see messages that are too long they will stop halfway through, but if your message is concise readers are more likely to read it.sms-marketing

Increase Customer Engagement

SMS marketing is a great tool for studying and increasing your customer engagement. When customers here that ring or feel their phone vibrate they will typically always look at the message. If you are looking for feedback, SMS marketing is a great tool to use. Responding to a text message takes seconds, whereas responding to direct mail takes a lot more time. Customers are more likely to respond to a message where they only have to type a few words and hit send, instead of completing a form, finding an envelope, and sending it out in the mail.

Cost Effective

SMS marketing is one of the most cost effective was for a marketing campaign. Not just in terms of money, but as well as time. Planning an SMS marketing campaign can be put together and sent out within minutes, while other marketing methods such as TV, radio, and flyers take much more time to put together. SMS marketing also has been proven to be the most cost effective method since it really only requires an SMS plan from your service provider.

SMS marketing continues to be one of the best strategies to help businesses connect with their customers. It is an effective method that helps companies reach people quickly, timely, and cost effectively. For further information and tips on SMS marketing click here.

This post is contributed by Extend Your Reach, a full service integrated marketing agency specializing in digital and print marketing services. 

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