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hikingHiking and backpacking season is upon us. Whether you enjoy day hikes in the park or week long backpacking trails, technology is important even if you’re trying to get away from it all. The “there’s an app for that” slogan doesn’t work when you’re out in absent cell tower areas. So before you hit the trail, make sure you have tech resources to be prepared for your hike.


This is a piece of technology that should be used by backpackers in remote areas. Phones normally don’t work on deep trails so having a GPS can be handy while trying to navigate backwoods trails. Make sure to get one waterproof, there’s no reason to cut costs when getting a GPS. In some instances a quality GPS can save someone’s life. Here’s a list of excellent GPS selections for your backpacking trip. Continue reading “Hiking Technology” »

Business and DataThe massive amount of data created every day is a gold mine for business-minded individuals – but only if they can harness it properly. Business analytics is the process of analyzing data to determine best practices and a good course of action for a company, based on the information given. If companies take advantage of the data that’s available, they can optimize profits and productivity while lowering overhead and risk. Check out these data and business statistics from

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byte and mortar

Closed-door office buildings are a thing of the past. In their place, the hot new trend in productivity and networking is the concept of shared workspaces. Emphasizing collaboration, open floor plans, and cost-effective pricing, co-working spaces (as they are also called) offer virtual office services or flexible, low-cost office rentals and are becoming popular with small business owners and tech startups.

Co-working spaces boast all the necessary features of a traditional office, without an expensive long-term contract hanging over clients’ heads. Popular features include receptionists and answering services, mail and package services, WiFi and utilities, security, printing and copying, conference spaces – even cleaning! Some co-working spaces also offer full-service private offices or permanent workspaces for a slightly higher fee. In addition to offering full-service office environments, collaborative workspaces encourage networking and innovation among users, which boosts productivity and can lead to fruitful business relationships. Shared workspaces are perfect for those who currently work from a casual location (out of their home, at a coffee shop, etc.) and are looking for a more professional venue to call home. These flexible, inspiring spaces have drawn entrepreneurs from all sectors of the workforce, and that trend is continuing to grow.

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Technology is a magical thing. Love is a magical thing. And when the two come together, you get something truly wonderful. More and more couples on their way to matrimonial bliss are embracing the use of technology to make their wedding day unique, special, and hassle-free.

1. Create a wedding website to provide guests with lodging options, details about the event, and even an eco-friendly way to RSVP. Your crazy aunt may still call you 100 times pre-wedding, but some of your more tech-savvy friends may not.

2. Use online or mobile budgeting applications like to make sure you stick to your wedding budget.

3. Change your Facebook relationship status to “married” immediately after you say “I do” (if you’re into that kind of thing).

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When you think of tech start-ups making it big, your mind probably immediately makes the jump to Silicon Valley. Nowadays though, tech start-ups are springing into existence in all corners of the country. It seems that today there is nowhere that you can’t start a technology company. Still, there are some areas where resources are plentiful and the right steps are being taken to help ensure success. Here are 5 of our favorites.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has been doing great work at the governmental level to attract entrepreneurs in all sectors. Legislation including the Ben Franklin Partnership has created a great start-up environment state-wide. Pittsburgh edges out other metropolises like Philadelphia because it also has the additional resources of Carnegie Mellon, a very prestigious university.

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10 years ago, when asked the role of technology companies in important political decisions, most Americans would have the opinion that they really ought not to have a role. In today’s society, however, tech giants wield a tremendous amount of power in many aspects of political decision making. Take the sudden defeat of SOPA and PIPA, the legislation regarding privacy and intellectual property, for example. Or, observe the drastic influence that social media has had on elections and social movements across the world. Even a quick glance at Google’s relations with China shows that these technology companies are increasingly involved in politics both domestically and internationally.

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google and appleMillions of iPhone users would be quick to say that Apple can do no wrong. That is, until they start complaining about the new lightning connector for iPhone 5, or their frenemy Siri. For a long time, Apple seemed untouchable, but now it seems that Apple has more rivals than it knows what to do with and the competition is starting to get ugly.

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internet-100016261-largeI admit, I use a lot of bandwidth every month, which I’m sure my Internet Service Provider (ISP) is very aware of. I don’t have cable, so I use torrent programs, stream media, Skype, game, and use other services quite often. And you know what?  I don’t care, since it’s what I pay for. Even if I use more data than most people in my town, does that mean I should automatically have to pay more than everyone else?

Maybe I should admit yes, but that will never come from my mouth. I am not stupid, and most of you should know that once you give some companies – especially big biz and corporations – unregulated power, they’ll exploit their customers any way they can. We’ve seen it happen with cell phones, most notably AT&T, and that is already happening with Internet.

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English: Avaya's logo. This SVG version, creat...

If you are running into trouble with your Avaya technology, chances are you want some help troubleshooting the equipment. There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing exactly how to correct an issue with your hardware. Chances are you’ve been in a situation where no matter what you do with the system, it just comes up with dead end after dead end and you start looking for free Avaya support. Yes it’s free – there is no need to pay for the support, as there are different options available to you. So, instead of going out and paying a professional to come out and look at your hardware, you just need to look over the different free support services and see if you can find an answer to your question.

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Smart HomeThere is a rapidly growing field called home automation that has numerous benefits for people wishing to conserve Earth’s natural resources. Home automation technology first came about in 1975 with a product called X10, which allowed compatible devices to communicate over existing electrical wires. Continue reading “What Does it Mean to Have a “Smart Home?”” »