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engineering_design-1There are many different kinds of engineering that are talked about every day; mechanical, electrical, environmental and automotive, just to name a few. However, there is one type of engineering that can be sometimes underrated. That is design engineering. So we are going to talk about why design engineering is so vital to the whole engineering process.

Design engineers work in a wide variety of fields such as the ones mentioned above plus chemical engineering and aeronautical. In all types of engineering a base design. Design engineers need to have a wide collective knowledge of whichever field they are working in because creating designs is different in all fields. They will develop conceptual and detailed designs for products and even for the machinery that helps create the products. So now you know what they do, but why is this so important?

In any field or with any product, an engineer’s main goal is to create some sort of solution to a situation, issue or problem. The first step in creating a well thought out solution is creating a conceptual design. This is the design engineer’s job. If this conceptual design is poorly constructed or does not fit well to the solution then the whole base of the project is shaky. A poor conceptual design can cause a project to take longer than it should and not be as well constructed as it could.

After the conceptual design comes the embodiment design, in which the design engineer works the concept into workable systems that can be further developed. Once that is complete they move into the detailed design which is essentially the final product, until the industrial and mechanical engineers create the actual product from the design.

As you can see, the design is a major step in creating any product so it is important for any manufacturer to understand that importance, like Proficient Machine & Automation, a machine and automation solutions company near Grand Rapids, Michigan, continues to do in all of their engineering solutions.

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