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gis civil engineeringA geographic information system (GIS) when used in civil engineering can provide an easy problem solving solution leading to lower costs, and efficient analysis of complex projects. GIS technology will give civil engineers the applications to manage infrastructure, land use, transportation, water resources, and other environmental factors to be analyzed. GIS provides an avenue for easy communication due to the visual data on the map. By using GIS maps, it allows civil engineers to analyze and reuse data, saving them time, resources, and money.


By using 2D and 3D maps, engineers can look at data in a visual and interactive way allowing you to spot trends and patterns over time. You can then communicate with other managers, employees, engineers, and clients, to display an understandable plan for projects.

Data implementation

With GIS software, you don’t have to worry about implementing your existing data into the map. There are companies that can implement the data for you, with some that specialize in GIS for engineering.

Data Collection

GIS software has the abilities to collect accurate site data which can be used for topography, traffic flow, design, geology, imaging, wetlands, hydrology, runoff, air emissions, erosion, slope, soil load analysis, and the environmental impact.


GIS software will assist civil engineers in the management of materials, machine regulation, calculating payments, logistics, scheduling, and takeoffs.

Data Management

GIS mapping gives users the ability to interpret data in numerous formats, where you can integrate satellite images and CAD drawings. This will give you a project overview that is easy to understand, and even allows CAD data without conversion. Additionally, GIS gives civil engineers the ability to make specific rules for their data, and implements business logic to combine, validate, or control specific data. This is available for individuals, or many users, in order to fit the needs of your company and its clients.

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