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hikingHiking and backpacking season is upon us. Whether you enjoy day hikes in the park or week long backpacking trails, technology is important even if you’re trying to get away from it all. The “there’s an app for that” slogan doesn’t work when you’re out in absent cell tower areas. So before you hit the trail, make sure you have tech resources to be prepared for your hike.


This is a piece of technology that should be used by backpackers in remote areas. Phones normally don’t work on deep trails so having a GPS can be handy while trying to navigate backwoods trails. Make sure to get one waterproof, there’s no reason to cut costs when getting a GPS. In some instances a quality GPS can save someone’s life. Here’s a list of excellent GPS selections for your backpacking trip.

Filtered Water Bottles:

It can be a pain to try to filter enough water for a hike early in the morning. Instead of using a bulky contraption and awkwardly filtering thigh-deep in water, try using a filtered water bottle. CamelBak has a water bottle that can filter water using a UV cap. Just shake for 60 seconds, drink, and repeat.

Water Proof/Tough Cameras:

If you want high quality pictures of your hike without damaging your phone or risking taking a DSLR camera, invest into a waterproof/tough camera. Companies like Panasonic have developed highly adaptable and damage withstanding cameras. Snap away without feeling cautious about breaking your camera.

Lightweight Tents:

Try to avoid carrying bulk tents while on a hike or backpacking. They can clog up space in your pack and weigh you down. Companies like Sierra Designs have light tents with quality materials to ensure a safe and restful sleep without breaking your back or the bank.

The Internet:

The best form of technology to use before a hike or backpacking trip is internet research. Obviously you can’t take the internet completely on your trip so knowing a specific plan prior to your trip is crucial. If you’ve never hiked or backpacked, try starting out by having a base camp. Renting a cabin like ones at Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls, is a great style of rustic cabins that can be your home base before and after hiking on the trail.

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