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mobile-hotspotWiFi was proposed in the early 90s, and since, have provided Internet users with convenient access to the World Wide Web through the wireless local area network (WLAN) with the help of a router. The difference between WiFi and hotspots, however, is that WiFi runs through a wirless router, while a hotspot is a wireless acces point provided by a hardware device, such as a phone.

The problem with WiFi, however, is that it’s not always where you need it–in the car, on a train, or even in a hotel. Sometimes, you have to pay for Internet in hotels or businesses, but hotspots are giving users the convenience of having Internet access wherever you need it.

Often times, service providers (such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and more) have the option of hotspots already connected to phones. While charges usually apply, hotspots are becoming more and more desired, and therefore, companies are delivering. BSNL, a telecommunications company, announced it will set up 40,000 hotspot access points for users by 2018. BSNL will provid free WiFi for 30 minutes for users needing access to Internet, and after the free period, users will then need to pay. While charges are not ideal, hotspots are almost essential for traveling. Here’s why:

  • Hotspots are personal wireless connections, where your laptop can pick up the hotspot from your phone or tablet.
  • Connecting to free wireless connections on trains and airplanes can be difficult.
  • Hotels typically charge for WiFi. Using a cell service provider for your hotspot, or BSNL’s new hotspot access points, you will at least have some free Internet time.
  • Hotspots are convenient for long car trips, especially if you need to use a Maps or GPS app.

The only downside to hotspots are overseas charges. Beware if you’re traveling abroad, because roaming can cost you big bucks. Hotspots are typically best for in-state surfing, and if you plan to use a hotspot abroad, rent an overseas-friendly hotspot that won’t drain the bank.

About the Author: Ian is a guest contributor from Stonecroft Country Inn, a comfortable bed & breakfast near Mystic, Connecticut.

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