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images-QuestImage-ID-10080897There’s a myth floating around that email marketing is dead. Actually, email marketing is at its all-time-high. It has never been more alive. What do you see on every website you go to? They ask for your email, right? Whether it’s for a weekly newsletter, a product promotion, or a sales promotion, businesses want your email so they can reach you with their updates and promos. And customers and clients are using these emails.

People sign in to their email daily (sometimes several times a day), and some even receive notifications directly to their smart phones 24/7. Some might argue email marketing has been on the decline due to social media. Social media is important to reach audiences, yes, but email marketing has been proving real results. And here’s why:

Email is Personal | Email is personal. It’s a personalized message sent directly to the consumer or client. It allows you to land directly into a user’s inbox, kind of like a personal Facebook message or Twitter DM. There is rank. There is no system. It’s simply a “click and send” approach that guarantees reach no matter what.

It’s Private | Because email marketing is personal, this also gives the user comfort and confidence knowing the message is private and they are free to ask any questions they might have. A lot of people dislike posting comments or posts to a forum publicly, so an email provides that one-on-one experience. This also helps them gain trust in your business.

Email Has a Purpose | Unlike promotional Facebook posts or advertisements, an email has a direct purpose. People may not want to see some posts or advertisments, and consumers can now tell websites what they actually want to see. The same goes with email. It takes the consumer to sign up for your email list and confirm it. That shows interest, and therefore, purpose.pic-emailmarketing

It’s Targeted | The user shows consent when signing up for your email. They want the newsletter or product promotions, so they’re asking for it. This makes your email list targeted. You have a set audience that has signed up for your businesses, and are asking for outreach. Because of this, they are more inclined to click and purchase your product or service, and eventually you’ll know what they like. This produces better results in the long run.

Emails Provide Creativity | Emails are flexible and allow room for creativity. You can be personal while also including quality content that you know users will love. Emails, unlike paper mail, can also be interactive, include website content, social media content, and more that your users can link directly to.

Get Users to Your Site | Email marketing has been attracting users for years. As mentioned in our last point, an integrated email marketing list contains interested customers that will want to see new products from time to time, so they will be inclined to click on your email and explore your website directly.

To sum all of this up, an email marketing list is astrategy that any good business will use. It’s a simple way for you to connect with your customers, learn from each other, and gain trust.

About the Author: Nicole is a guest contributor from Extend Your Reach, providing data management, direct mail, and digital marketing solutions.

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