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Alaska’s rough terrain and beautiful mountain scenes make for some of the best places to snap an Instagram picture. Your followers will love to see your Alaskan adventures through photos at some of Juneau’s most amazing spots. If you’re planning a trip to Juneau, Alaska in the near future, be sure to visit these spots for beautiful Instagram photos.

Mendenhall Glacier

This 13-mile long glacier, located 12 miles from downtown Juneau, is surrounded by waterfalls, wildlife, salmon streams, and hiking trails. Opportunities abound for beautiful Instagram shots.

After taking in the natural beauty of the glacier and the surrounding forest, hike the Mendenhall Glacier Trek to see the ice caves within. The inside of Mendenhall glacier looks absolutely other-worldly: ethereal blue light shines through walls of rippled ice and illuminates tumbling cascades running down the belly of the glacier. Hikers up to the challenge of the Mendenhall Glacier Trek have a chance at some truly unbelievable pictures.

Auke Bay

Humpback whales make frequent appearances close to the shoreline of Auke Bay, so patient photographers just might get lucky enough to capture a sighting by hanging around the harbor.

For an even better chance at photographing these majestic creatures, consider taking a boat tour over the bay. There are many tours specifically targeted at aspiring whale photographers. The experienced tour guides are able to pinpoint the whales’ locations, guaranteeing sightings.

Perseverance Trail

Perseverance Trail is a 6.5-mile hike through lush forests, old mineshafts, and thundering glacier-fed waterfalls. The trail originally served mining trucks making the trek up Mount Juneau to Perseverance mine.

Mountain goats and black bears are not an uncommon sight in the surrounding forests. Make this hike in the summertime for many beautiful macro photography opportunities: pink geraniums, shooting stars, and other wildflowers and berries populate the sides of the trail.

But it’s not called “Perseverance” for nothing. An optional 1.5-mile side trail, Granite Creek, is nothing but steep incline to the summit of Mount Juneau. The painstaking climb to the top is all worth it. This is the most stunning panoramic view in all of Juneau.

Treadwell Ruins

This abandoned, crumbling mining town has been uninhabited since 1917 when a devastating cave-in flooded three of the four mines that made Treadwell’s livelihood.

The remains of the ghost town’s buildings are overgrown with plant life—evidence of nature reclaiming its territory after its plundering by turn-of-the-century miners. Now, the walking trails running between Treadwell’s abandoned buildings allow public access to this eerie photography location.

About the author: Elle is a guest contributor for Silverbow Inn, a boutique hotel in downtown Juneau.

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