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Why Newspapers Aren't Dead Picture

Technology has changed the way the world works in many different ways. Cars made today run off of electricity instead of gas, almost everything has a touchscreen, and social media is everywhere. One misconception that people have today is that newspapers are dying when they actually are not. Some people might think this is true because you can hop on any social media platform or any electronic device and get a piece of news. People argue that technology is ruining newspapers. The misconception is that no, technology is not ruining newspapers, in some ways it is helping them stay in business. In this article, we will discuss ways in which newspapers are not dying and how technology is helping newspapers instead of hurting them.

The boom of technology has made it so new inventions are happening every day. But, everything that is not keeping up with the new technology does not have to come to an end. Many newspaper companies still have loyal people purchasing and subscribing to newspapers. Newspapers are not dying because there are still older people who are used to getting their main source of news through the newspaper.

Another reason that newspapers are not dying is because advertisers are able to get directly to their target audience when advertising through a newspaper. Advertisers can describe their business to the people who manage the ads of a newspaper, and those people know exactly which section would reach the right audience for the company wanting to advertise with them. Newspapers have many years of experience of doing that for companies who want to advertise with them, which is one thing that keeps newspapers going. Advertisers that advertise through social media platforms are still trying to figure out the best way to reach the correct audience for them.

But technology is not always the bad guy for newspapers as people may think. Technology in someway is helping newspapers evolve. Some newspaper companies have had major success by changing their newspaper to print, and others have just broadened the number of readers by including a fraction of their newspaper stories online. The transition to technology has made newspaper companies become innovative in searching for ways to stay in business. They have broadened their audience to having both a print audience, and now a growing online audience.

There is still something about flipping through pages to get your daily dose of news that people still hold onto. News in the paper form still continue to draw a big audience, and newspapers have managed to broaden their audience number by embracing the change due to the rise in technology. Newspaper companies learned to roll with the punches and grow with the change of technology.

About the Author: Selena is a guest contributor from Stigler Printing, a printing service that specializes in printing newspapers and has all of the printing services for all of your printing needs.

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