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There are several online divorce calculators out there to help you manage your finances to avoid financial strain while going through a divorce. The bottom line is: Divorces can be expensive and there’s a lot of division of finances and possessions that go into it. It can be tough to research different topics surrounding divorce, but this is the first step to a simple divorce. We’re here to help you navigate the different divorce online calculators and how to use them.

General divorce cost calculator

If you’re looking to gauge the overall cost of your divorce, you may want to search for a divorce cost calculator. Different lawyers and financial consultants across the country sometimes have their own calculators. You can even make your own cost calculator on a simple spreadsheet. You’ll need to know an approximate value of any assets you own, how much you still need to pay off your mortgage, legal costs, and any outstanding debts you have. Seeing these amounts on one spreadsheet will help you visually see what you have, what you owe, and how you will split your assets.

Child support calculators

Each state has its own laws and different percentages of income required to be paid for child support. Child support calculators allow you to enter the state you live in and net monthly income, support paid from previous relationships, the monthly cost of healthcare paid, and the monthly cost of child care paid by the custodial and non-custodial parents. The calculator will give you the monthly amount determined based on your state’s guidelines, but it could change based on financial situation and number of children.

Alimony calculators

Like child support, each state has its own guidelines for alimony payments. Some couples pay alimony to balance differences in salaries so they can continue with their usual standard of living. The most important factors are the marital lifestyle¬†of the couple, the supporting spouse’s income, and the ability for the non-supporting spouse to support themselves, and if there are children.

Divorce mortgage calculators

This may be the last thing you think of when you’re planning for a divorce. A divorce mortgage calculator is important to use if you’re looking to keep your current house, sell it, or buy a new one after the divorce. Divorce Mortgage Advisors has a simple payment calculator to determine how different mortgage rates and loans may affect your monthly payment. This will help you plan financially if you’re planning on living off one income or are receiving spousal support each month.

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