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mountain lionAs Apple continues to release new operating systems, one may start to wonder, “Aren’t they going to run out of big cats to name them after?” Not yet. They got pretty clever on the last release. Since they had created an upgrade from OS X Lion, they decided to call the new release OS X Mountain Lion. Why? It still gives you everything Lion did: same beautifully simple layout and functionality, along with all the features you love that make a Mac super user friendly. But there are some major differences. Still a lion, but this time, it’s a bit of a different breed.

Being the ninth major release of Mac operating systems, OS X Mountain Lion has once again worked to create a system that demonstrates how a true operating system should work. It was released on July 25, 2012. New features include iOS, so now you can get your Notes and Reminders directly to your desktop, instead of receiving them through email. Another updated version made its first appearance on September 19, 2012. With this update, other extra features were added, such as Facebook integration. Mountain Lion also has done away with iChat and replaced it with Messages. This allows Mac users to send unlimited messages to other Mac users, whether they’re on a Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Safari 6 is also included in the package. Another new feature is Notification Center. Although it may sound like something that could be a potential annoyance, this feature has been refined so that the notifications need not be resolved right away, therefore not urging the user to take immediate action if they are not able.

Overall, OS X Mountain Lion was well liked with many positive reviews. Critics are raving about Notification Center, speed improvements and Messages. The only gripe critics seem to have about the new operating systems is the lack of games available, but who can appease everyone, right? With three million software packages sold in the first four days, Mountain Lion has become Apple’s most successful operating system release thus far.

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