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Google Page RankIn my data recovery post I mentioned that the fastest way to boost your Technorati authority and get high ranking inbound links is to find blogs that have high PR and low Top Commentators and comment regularly on their site.

There are literally thousands of sites out there that fit this criteria and in all honesty it’s not worth the trouble to keep these dynamic links up if this is your main source of inbound links.  However, this is a very quick way to boost your link very fast on any blog.  I was able to pump this blog from 0 to 20 high PR links within 3 days.  My friend, who had more initiative went from 0 to a whopping 100+ in a week.  I wouldn’t recommend this unless you have a lot of time on your hands and want to comment yourself to death in the future to keep up the links.

Using this method has additional “side effect” benefits.  If you visit all 25 of the blogs below with the sole intention of getting on their top commentators list, chances are that you will actually become a regular reader to a few of the blogs.  Also your comments will generate traffic back to your blog.  So make quality comments!

Here is a list of 25 sites that have low top commentators.  They are listed by PR and the number to the right is the current lowest number of comments you need to get on their list. The page rank was determined using the Google Toolbar.


  • Shoemoney – 7
  • – 1


  • Lazy Man and Money – 2
  • Everybody Goto – 1
  • Bigger Pockets – 1
  • Vincent Chow – 3
  • Infektia – 2
  • Steve Olson – 2
  • Kyles Cove – 4
  • Jeff Kee’s Blog – 3


  • Live Learn Invest – 2
  • All Tips and Tricks – 1
  • Gather Success – 3
  • Vinod Live – 5
  • Geeks are Sexy – 1
  • Blogging Away Debt – 3
  • Harpzon – 1
  • Investor Trip – 2


  • Gadget Venue – 1
  • Make Money Online – 2
  • Thor Schrock’s Technology Blog – 1
  • Webgrrrl – 2
  • Seeds for Wealth – 1


  • Pure Blogging – 3
  • How to Buy Websites – 2
  • And of course… this lowly blog
  • 2 Bros Blogging – 3

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