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Today, it is common for people to search online for real estate listings. We all know that everything looks different in front of a camera lens, but the pictures of a house for sale on an online listing can make or break someone’s interest in a home. It is important to get the best shots possible of the entire property to show the home at its full potential. If you are new to taking your own pictures as a real estate agent, or are even looking to improve your skills, then read through these tips!

General Tips

A general tip would be to make sure you highlight the important features of the property. Also, make sure to get a picture of every room in the house. Avoid making your listing something that it is not. Another tip to follow is to take a lot of pictures so you have a lot of options to pick the best pictures from.


You want to make sure that you have a type of camera that can take pictures both inside and outside of a house. With any DSLR camera with manual settings, you should be fine to capture the inside rooms of the house and the landscape of the yard. Other camera equipment that you might want to consider having with you is a wide lens, a tripod for steady and even photos, a flash, a backup memory card, and camera charger.


You want to shoot the kinds of angles that capture what the house actually looks like. Take the picture at chest height that also captures vertical lines to get a standard shot of a room. You want to make the rooms look large, especially if they are actually large. To get the best angle for real estate photos, remember to stand in the corner and take a picture at chest height.


The best kind of lighting is natural light. Take pictures of the house on a sunny day and open the windows. Some real estate agents like to capture night pictures of what the property looks like. To do this, take pictures of the property when the sun starts to go down, and turn on all of the lights in the house.


Be true and avoid filters on pictures. You want to be authentic and real with your listing. The last thing you want is to get someone’s hopes up on a house that they thought could be their home. It doesn’t hurt to touch up a photo a little bit with some Photoshop, just don’t overdo it.


Label each photo or provide a caption under the photo that says what room the picture is showing. You can also describe what the room is used for to get someone to imagine what if would be like in their possible new home.

About the Author: Drake is a guest contributor from CB-HB. To learn more about this company, check out the CB-HB website.

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