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Watch TV on Your PCWith the rising costs of cable and satellite television, many people are looking to their personal computer for their television fix. There are several places on the internet where you can watch your favorite television shows for free or for a small monthly fee. While you will not be able to access all of your favorite shows on the PC, there is a good chance that a vast majority of them will be available.

The first place to watch television on your PC are the websites of television channels. TV channels, like NBC and Discovery, will have almost all of their shows available to watch on their website. This is a great way to get access to hundreds of great television shows for free. If you can not find all of your favorite television shows through this method, then you can always sign up for a television streaming service for a small monthly fee.

The most popular television streaming services are Hulu Plus and Netflix. Hulu Plus is a great way to access television shows that are not available through any other source. Several television channels, including FOX, will only release their new shows to Hulu Plus subscribers. Every episode can be viewed directly on your PC the day after it had originally aired on TV.

Netflix is basically the only way to access television shows from premium cable channels on your PC. Netflix has an agreement with several of the top cable channels to be the exclusive provider of their most popular shows on the internet. The only way you will be able to watch two of the best shows on television, “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men” on your PC. The only problem with the Netflix television steaming service is that the episodes are not available until the entire season has aired on cable.

Netflix also has a wide selection of television shows that are no longer on the air to watch on your PC. If you always wanted to watch “Lost” or “The West Wing,” then you can do so on Netflix. Netflix is also starting to create their own original television shows. They have created “House of Cards,” which is an original political drama starring Kevin Spacey. Netflix will also be the exclusive home of the fourth and final season of “Arrested Development.”

These are the best places to watch television directly on your PC. You do not have to miss out on great television shows just because you do not have a cable or satellite subscription.


This has been a guest post from Jayvee, who loves the internet and television, but these days opts to watch most shows on his laptop.

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