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Forget everything you know about pools. Well, don’t forget how to swim, put the correct amount of chemicals in, change the filter, and put on the cover. But besides those things, forget what you know about pools because the future is here, which is actually the present. Pools have been around for centuries, but in this modern era of consumerism and ridiculousness scientists have spent years developing the latest and greatest pool gadgets to make your pool experience the best possible. Your neighbors will be jealous when they look over the fence to see these unique pool gadgets and accessories.

pool rock climbPool Rock Climbing Wall: Forget the belay lines and harnesses, now you can use a rock climbing wall and falling is the fun part. Rock climb at the edge of your pool and once you reach the top just jump back into the water. Put your AquaClimb near the deep end for extreme water climb/jump combinations.


Floating Beer Pong Table: Frat boys rejoice as the beloved college party game now goes aquatic. This tiki style beer pong table will be the life of the party in the shallow end. Cutouts for cups and ping pong balls will make sure you beer won’t mix with the chlorine in the pool. The only question to ask now is who gets the first shot?

Swim Parachutes: For the hardcore athlete or person looking to get in shape, the pool parachute is the perfect way to push your pool training to the next level. Just like on land, now you can experience parachute training in the water. The 2020 Olympics isn’t too farfetched, right?

Waterproof Pool Table: For the more sophisticated gamer who’s willing to open their wallet, the waterproof pool table is sure to bring your game to the next level. What’s better than playing pool in a pool? This is not a floating table, instead it is sinks to the bottom of the pool firmly established to play a game with the guys. You probably want to use your spare pool stick in pool balls for this game, it might get a little wet.



Remote Control Snack/Drink Float: Let’s face it, on a hot day the last thing you want to do is get out of the cool pool for a refreshing drink or snack. Problem solved. The remote control snack and drink pool float allows you to not only eat in the water but someone can use a remote control to deliver the snacks from the kitchen. Plus, if the float ever floats to the deep end, you can just call it back with the remote. Some may call it lazy, others call it genius.


Singing Gondolier: Be whisked away to the rivers of Italy with your own personal singing Gondolier. Your pool will transform into a romantic Italian getaway with the beautiful sounds of a traditional Italian majestic voice. The best part is that this Gondolier floats in your pool and even moves his mouth when he sings. Look what a couple batteries can do!

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