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Direct mail marketing can still maintain its place in a place in your modern marketing portfolio. Even in our digital age, sending mail to a home or office is the best way to keep current customers and find potential sales targets. If your direct mail effort is not working as effectively as you would like for your business or organization, there are probably mistakes in your approach. Your direct mail effort could definitely be failing to attract the attention it deserves. With just some slight corrections, your direct mail campaign can get back on its feet and start making you money and building your customer base.

Are you truly finding your marketing base

You can’t look closely enough at your mailing list to know how accurately you’re reaching your desired audience. If you send your mail to the wrong people, how can you get the results that you want? Make sure you target your mailings to the areas of the community or marketplace that will make a difference. Carefully research the geographics and demographics of your mailing zip codes before sending out that mail. Pay attention to lifestyle factors attributed to your target audience and work to touch on those factors. If your target area is local, take the time to physically get out and meet these people. Study them at their places of work and pay particularly close attention to trends in shopping and consumption.

What is the presentation style of your mailings

Readers are far more sophisticated today than years past when it comes to graphics, printing and photography. Is your mailing something that will be read or something that will be treated like junk mail? Take a look at every piece of material you mail out from the viewpoint of someone seeing your company name for the first time. Presentation is everything when reaching the homes of current and potential consumers. This is where it pays to work with a designer or printer that understands the goals of your mailing effort. Staying out of the trash (just like with email) is a necessity for any successful direct mail campaign.

Have your combined your direct mail effort with other marketing efforts

Is your direct mail campaign part of a larger marketing strategy? Be sure to use the themes that you employ in your mailing campaign with other forms of communication. This could be a telemarketing or telefundraising effort where you ask if someone has received their letter. Or combine the best of “snail mail” with a follow up email for those who need that digital reminder. If you want to drive traffic to your website, create a unique URL only available on your direct mail and track the amount of traffic to that page to measure how successful your mailing was.

One direct mail effort is simply not enough

Sending out direct mail is rarely a one time event. If you only planned on one mass mailing then your campaign is likely to fail. Repetition is the way to both remind people of your business and cement your name and logo in their minds and ultimately build your brand.

Ellen Rodney is a guest blogger located in Florida, contributing for websites like Ritter’s Communications, a Miami direct mail marketing company.

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