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Wine? There’s an app for that. Trying new wines and learning about wine can happen right on your phone. Some wine apps even help you find the perfect wine for any person. Wine apps will take your obsession to a whole new level. Here are the best wine apps that will change the way you drink forever.

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121205_googleplus_005We’ve all been there. Messy desk. Long list of to-dos. Too many phone calls about the same thing. Some days in the office can be a bit hectic, but there are certainly some ways to stay organized with all the tasks at hand throughout the day, and not everyone can afford a real-life personal assistant reminding them of all the events and plans they have in their calender.

That’s why we have cell phones, computers and tablets. Here the 5 best personal assistant apps to keep you organized: Continue reading “3 Personal Assistant Apps that Will Keep You Organized at Work” »

Carrying arounlens1d stacks of business cards you receive is a thing of the past. Instead of trying to remember where you put the most recent business card you’ve gotten, there is now a way to store all the necessary information right in your phone. Microsoft has an updated app that can now scan and save business cards right to your phone. This feature was released in an updated version of Office Lens, an app for Windows Phone. You can take a picture of any business card and the app will then crop the image on its own down to the relevant text, format it for legibility, and save it for you to OneNote. OneNote is a Microsoft document management app. Continue reading “Digitally Store Your Business Cards” »