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Carrying arounlens1d stacks of business cards you receive is a thing of the past. Instead of trying to remember where you put the most recent business card you’ve gotten, there is now a way to store all the necessary information right in your phone. Microsoft has an updated app that can now scan and save business cards right to your phone. This feature was released in an updated version of Office Lens, an app for Windows Phone. You can take a picture of any business card and the app will then crop the image on its own down to the relevant text, format it for legibility, and save it for you to OneNote. OneNote is a Microsoft document management app. Continue reading “Digitally Store Your Business Cards” »

boost_graph_thumbnailNo business is static and thus business should be left on the improvement trend. Making improvements is a conscious choice in which you are required not only to balance time but also choose an area that will bring impact to the business. The following methods will boost your business: Continue reading “Best Methods to Boost your Business” »

Direct mail marketing can still maintain its place in a place in your modern marketing portfolio. Even in our digital age, sending mail to a home or office is the best way to keep current customers and find potential sales targets. If your direct mail effort is not working as effectively as you would like for your business or organization, there are probably mistakes in your approach. Your direct mail effort could definitely be failing to attract the attention it deserves. With just some slight corrections, your direct mail campaign can get back on its feet and start making you money and building your customer base. Continue reading “Reasons Your Direct Mail Is Failing” »

New Years resolutions are all about personal growth, but why not make some resolutions for your business, too? (Ones you can actually keep!) Your business probably doesn’t need to lose weight or quit smoking, but chances are you have plenty of goals for your business, and January is a great time to articulate them and incorporate them into your business strategy. These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.

1. Act professional & look the part.

Small businesses have a certain charm about them, and you can certainly get away with wearing jeans more often than the average executive. But with so many small businesses today, you still need to appear professional and together when interacting with more mainstream businesses. This means that an office space that doesn’t look like you’re running your company out of a garage is often crucial. Invest in office furniture and clutter savers to look the part of a savvy firm. If you’re on a budget, companies like Corporate Office Interiors offer used and remanufactured office furniture at a lower price.

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When you are envious of those individuals who have more twitter followers than you; this write up will offer you a valuable guide, that will enable you to hassle-free acquire more Twitter followers in just a couple of minutes. To learn more, then read on.

By means of adopting some habits, you can entice more and more people to follow you. This way, you could obtain much more Twitter followers. Generally, what you tweet, how frequent you tweet and how you usually do it are all factors. There are a few convictions that you could follow which can not only make your different tweets to be a lot more intriguing but memorable too. Let us now have a look at several of the factors which can substantially assist you in your endeavor to secure a lot more Twitter followers.

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Business and DataThe massive amount of data created every day is a gold mine for business-minded individuals – but only if they can harness it properly. Business analytics is the process of analyzing data to determine best practices and a good course of action for a company, based on the information given. If companies take advantage of the data that’s available, they can optimize profits and productivity while lowering overhead and risk. Check out these data and business statistics from

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byte and mortar

Closed-door office buildings are a thing of the past. In their place, the hot new trend in productivity and networking is the concept of shared workspaces. Emphasizing collaboration, open floor plans, and cost-effective pricing, co-working spaces (as they are also called) offer virtual office services or flexible, low-cost office rentals and are becoming popular with small business owners and tech startups.

Co-working spaces boast all the necessary features of a traditional office, without an expensive long-term contract hanging over clients’ heads. Popular features include receptionists and answering services, mail and package services, WiFi and utilities, security, printing and copying, conference spaces – even cleaning! Some co-working spaces also offer full-service private offices or permanent workspaces for a slightly higher fee. In addition to offering full-service office environments, collaborative workspaces encourage networking and innovation among users, which boosts productivity and can lead to fruitful business relationships. Shared workspaces are perfect for those who currently work from a casual location (out of their home, at a coffee shop, etc.) and are looking for a more professional venue to call home. These flexible, inspiring spaces have drawn entrepreneurs from all sectors of the workforce, and that trend is continuing to grow.

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industry_execFor everyone from high-level executives at Fortune 500 companies to small business owners with only a handful of employees, keeping abreast of industry developments and trends is one of the keys to success in your career. With technology advancing and changing the way that business operates on an ever-more-frequent basis, constant improvement is necessary for your company to thrive. But how can you keep on top of an always changing industry? Here are our tips.

1. Your days are probably already packed to the brim with important meetings and tasks, but it’s worth your time to set aside an hour at the beginning of your day to check out industry news. By clearing out this dedicated time, you’ll make sure you never get behind on what’s happening in your field.

2. Attend top executive development programs to get specialized knowledge on a key business area. More cost effective than an entire degree program, these classes and seminars can keep business leadership skills sharp and up-to-date. Not only will you receive top-of-the-line advice on high-level strategy for your company, it’s also an excellent chance to network with other powerful business executives and share your knowledge and experiences. 

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