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images-QuestImage-ID-10080897There’s a myth floating around that email marketing is dead. Actually, email marketing is at its all-time-high. It has never been more alive. What do you see on every website you go to? They ask for your email, right? Whether it’s for a weekly newsletter, a product promotion, or a sales promotion, businesses want your email so they can reach you with their updates and promos. And customers and clients are using these emails.

People sign in to their email daily (sometimes several times a day), and some even receive notifications directly to their smart phones 24/7. Some might argue email marketing has been on the decline due to social media. Social media is important to reach audiences, yes, but email marketing has been proving real results. And here’s why: Continue reading “The Importance of Targeted Email Lists and Why Your Business Should Have One” »

Email TipsA while back, Forbes was collecting letters so you could send “an email time capsule” to yourself in the future. The idea was that you could send an email to yourself to arrive in either 1, 3, 5, 10, or 20 years time. Although their experiment has long been closed, there still are sites that allow you to send these types of emails. Continue reading “8 Email Suggestions To Send To Your Future Self” »

In the wake of the recent story about the Wired journalist who was hacked because of failure to take proper precautions, a lot of people have zeroed in on their own web security habits to make sure the same fate doesn’t happen to them.

Although linking all of his accounts together was not the best idea, the journalist also said he should have turned on 2-step verification for his Gmail account and the situation may have been avoided altogether. So what is this 2-step process?

Basically, with Gmail, a cell phone number can be linked to the account so when someone tries to access the account from a strange IP address, they will need to enter a code even if they have the correct password. The code is sent to the cell phone given. If you don’t want to enter a code every time you sign in on your computer, you can have Google remember it for 30 days.

Continue reading “Two-Step Authentication: Why You Should Use It” »