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10 years ago, when asked the role of technology companies in important political decisions, most Americans would have the opinion that they really ought not to have a role. In today’s society, however, tech giants wield a tremendous amount of power in many aspects of political decision making. Take the sudden defeat of SOPA and PIPA, the legislation regarding privacy and intellectual property, for example. Or, observe the drastic influence that social media has had on elections and social movements across the world. Even a quick glance at Google’s relations with China shows that these technology companies are increasingly involved in politics both domestically and internationally.

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google and appleMillions of iPhone users would be quick to say that Apple can do no wrong. That is, until they start complaining about the new lightning connector for iPhone 5, or their frenemy Siri. For a long time, Apple seemed untouchable, but now it seems that Apple has more rivals than it knows what to do with and the competition is starting to get ugly.

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Project GlassActually, with this device, thumbs will no longer be involved. No more manual texting, just voice and some minor index finger button pushing. At least, that’s what Google is going for. We all know that when the latest products come out, there are bound to be bugs and technical issues. But what if this is the beginning of a new era of technology, where technology alters your daily life in a totally new way. Imagine seeing information, reminders, maps, text messages and video chats right before your eyes, integrated into your view of your every day life. Google augmented reality glasses make this all possible.

Even though there are other cool features, such a the ability to snap a photo with a simple voice command, ask to find the location of a friend or request an alternate walking route, it seems that, after some time, some of the features could get potentially annoying. I’d imagine it would be easy to get to the point where you don’t want to see reminders for every task you’ve got scheduled in your calendar. It’s called procrastination and it’s perfectly alright sometimes, right?

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Google Page RankIn my data recovery post I mentioned that the fastest way to boost your Technorati authority and get high ranking inbound links is to find blogs that have high PR and low Top Commentators and comment regularly on their site.

There are literally thousands of sites out there that fit this criteria and in all honesty it’s not worth the trouble to keep these dynamic links up if this is your main source of inbound links.  However, this is a very quick way to boost your link very fast on any blog.  I was able to pump this blog from 0 to 20 high PR links within 3 days.  My friend, who had more initiative went from 0 to a whopping 100+ in a week.  I wouldn’t recommend this unless you have a lot of time on your hands and want to comment yourself to death in the future to keep up the links. Continue reading “Page Ranking Sites To Look At” »

We all know that commenting is a great way to great traffic to your site, or is it? Certainly the Grand Google has cracked down on spammy blog comments, but it certainly can do you good when you are blog commenting on a. good websites b. that are relevant to your site and c. you post something useful. For example, if you own a website about Amazon email gift cards, then you’re going to want to find websites about holiday shopping and gift ideas to submit your most recent sales promotion or update about your website.

Not all comments on blogs are created equal.  There are many ways that your comment, other than its content, will help draw traffic to your blog. Most blogs use the nofollow attribute on their comments to prevent comment spamming for links.  However, some blogs are comment link friendly so your comments will count as an inbound link to your blog. It’s certainly important to find the dofollow blogs, although it isn’t necessarily bad to comment on a nofollow blog if you are able to post useful and relevant content that will attract visitors. To check if a blog uses the nofollow attribute you can view the source once you’re on a page with the comments.  If you look at the source code you will be able to see nofollow tags on links if they are nofollow. Continue reading “Blog Commenting, Does it Work?” »