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Why Newspapers Aren't Dead Picture

Technology has changed the way the world works in many different ways. Cars made today run off of electricity instead of gas, almost everything has a touchscreen, and social media is everywhere. One misconception that people have today is that newspapers are dying when they actually are not. Some people might think this is true because you can hop on any social media platform or any electronic device and get a piece of news. People argue that technology is ruining newspapers. The misconception is that no, technology is not ruining newspapers, in some ways it is helping them stay in business. In this article, we will discuss ways in which newspapers are not dying and how technology is helping newspapers instead of hurting them. Continue reading “Why Newspapers Aren’t Dying” »

Expensive looking models will be sauntering down the runways at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, while fashionista and fashionistos alike will be crowding into the iconic white tents of Lincoln Center, all centered on the one of a kind designer looks. While most of the clothes showcased are reserved for the rich and the famous, regular admirers can now get in on the fun.

New breakthroughs in fashion technology are enabling brands to offer more customization, high quality designer clothe for up to half the price. Their made-to-order looks eliminates inventory costs and store size, which means less overhead cost to pass on to customers. Customers become the designer, selecting everything from fabric to color to shape.

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