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2014_SES_27_Flip_SHP_LS_4916While the Groundhog may have rained on our parade for warmer weather, it will come around eventually. With warm weather comes boating season, and what better way to get out on the water than on a pontoon boat? Pontoons are the perfect party vessel, they can double as a fishing boats, and many are capable of watersport activities. Whether you are a proud pontoon owner looking to make a few upgrades to your boat this year, or searching for the perfect gift for someone who loves their pontoon, here are a few tech products that work perfectly with pontoon boats.

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The future is evidently now, and many of those neat-o gizmos you ogled over in the cartoons and movies are quickly becoming a reality. Although floating cars are still a ways away, smartwatches are here and they are big, bold and busting out quite a few unexpected stops. A true standout among a small, elite crowd is the newly revisited and remodeled Pebble Steel, a striking and highly capable smartwatch that’s surprisingly affordable (averaging around $249.99) and amply professional in appearance. A popular, fashion-oriented and well-polished product indeed, the new Pebble Steel has much more on its mind than just the time of day.

Residing on the upper tier of functionality and flare, the Pebble Steel smartwatch has been quickly making a name for itself during its short lifespan, already outclassing its predecessor, the original Pebble, which in only twelve months of availability secured a home on well over 300,000 wrists. The Pebble is successfully laying claim to an expanding smartwatch kingdom, and it seems that the new Steel version is about to put a fork in the remaining competition. At least for the time being.

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Technology is a magical thing. Love is a magical thing. And when the two come together, you get something truly wonderful. More and more couples on their way to matrimonial bliss are embracing the use of technology to make their wedding day unique, special, and hassle-free.

1. Create a wedding website to provide guests with lodging options, details about the event, and even an eco-friendly way to RSVP. Your crazy aunt may still call you 100 times pre-wedding, but some of your more tech-savvy friends may not.

2. Use online or mobile budgeting applications like to make sure you stick to your wedding budget.

3. Change your Facebook relationship status to “married” immediately after you say “I do” (if you’re into that kind of thing).

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When you think of tech start-ups making it big, your mind probably immediately makes the jump to Silicon Valley. Nowadays though, tech start-ups are springing into existence in all corners of the country. It seems that today there is nowhere that you can’t start a technology company. Still, there are some areas where resources are plentiful and the right steps are being taken to help ensure success. Here are 5 of our favorites.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has been doing great work at the governmental level to attract entrepreneurs in all sectors. Legislation including the Ben Franklin Partnership has created a great start-up environment state-wide. Pittsburgh edges out other metropolises like Philadelphia because it also has the additional resources of Carnegie Mellon, a very prestigious university.

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google and appleMillions of iPhone users would be quick to say that Apple can do no wrong. That is, until they start complaining about the new lightning connector for iPhone 5, or their frenemy Siri. For a long time, Apple seemed untouchable, but now it seems that Apple has more rivals than it knows what to do with and the competition is starting to get ugly.

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mountain lionAs Apple continues to release new operating systems, one may start to wonder, “Aren’t they going to run out of big cats to name them after?” Not yet. They got pretty clever on the last release. Since they had created an upgrade from OS X Lion, they decided to call the new release OS X Mountain Lion. Why? It still gives you everything Lion did: same beautifully simple layout and functionality, along with all the features you love that make a Mac super user friendly. But there are some major differences. Still a lion, but this time, it’s a bit of a different breed.

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Project GlassActually, with this device, thumbs will no longer be involved. No more manual texting, just voice and some minor index finger button pushing. At least, that’s what Google is going for. We all know that when the latest products come out, there are bound to be bugs and technical issues. But what if this is the beginning of a new era of technology, where technology alters your daily life in a totally new way. Imagine seeing information, reminders, maps, text messages and video chats right before your eyes, integrated into your view of your every day life. Google augmented reality glasses make this all possible.

Even though there are other cool features, such a the ability to snap a photo with a simple voice command, ask to find the location of a friend or request an alternate walking route, it seems that, after some time, some of the features could get potentially annoying. I’d imagine it would be easy to get to the point where you don’t want to see reminders for every task you’ve got scheduled in your calendar. It’s called procrastination and it’s perfectly alright sometimes, right?

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Email TipsA while back, Forbes was collecting letters so you could send “an email time capsule” to yourself in the future. The idea was that you could send an email to yourself to arrive in either 1, 3, 5, 10, or 20 years time. Although their experiment has long been closed, there still are sites that allow you to send these types of emails. Continue reading “8 Email Suggestions To Send To Your Future Self” »

Tech WordsBuzzwords. We all hear them. Often times, they exclaim the name of some new technological advancement. The term “web commerce” takes two basic terms and defines a new meaning. So, what is web commerce?

The definition is simple. It is a form of commerce that occurs electronically that is usually carried out through the World Wide Web. Sending email and using other means of the internet can also function as a method of web commerce. It has become a fairly basic, common means by which companies can display their products, along with information and pricing. It is incredibly convenient and most of us use it in everyday life.

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