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Luxurious trains2New technology and trains don’t appear to go together. For a transportation technology that has been around for almost two centuries, it would hard to imagine trains being on the forefront of new technologies. But if you take a closer look, trains have been steady in their adaptability and innovation in technology. From remote control locomotives to trains that go over 200 mph, the industry is looking forward to the next best thing. High speed rails are seen in Europe and Asia and could eventually appear in the United States, making a trip from New York to Miami a plausible idea. Continue reading “Train Entertainment Technologies” »

When you think of tech start-ups making it big, your mind probably immediately makes the jump to Silicon Valley. Nowadays though, tech start-ups are springing into existence in all corners of the country. It seems that today there is nowhere that you can’t start a technology company. Still, there are some areas where resources are plentiful and the right steps are being taken to help ensure success. Here are 5 of our favorites.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has been doing great work at the governmental level to attract entrepreneurs in all sectors. Legislation including the Ben Franklin Partnership has created a great start-up environment state-wide. Pittsburgh edges out other metropolises like Philadelphia because it also has the additional resources of Carnegie Mellon, a very prestigious university.

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10 years ago, when asked the role of technology companies in important political decisions, most Americans would have the opinion that they really ought not to have a role. In today’s society, however, tech giants wield a tremendous amount of power in many aspects of political decision making. Take the sudden defeat of SOPA and PIPA, the legislation regarding privacy and intellectual property, for example. Or, observe the drastic influence that social media has had on elections and social movements across the world. Even a quick glance at Google’s relations with China shows that these technology companies are increasingly involved in politics both domestically and internationally.

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Computer MessIn 2005, results from a survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporations’ CARAVAN poll indicated that roughly 76 percent of adults in the United States own personal computers. On a related note, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated the July 2011 population to be 311,591,917. That’s a lot of computers in American households.

Most people depend on computers for email, ecommerce, video, social networking, news, and other general information. Computers are a place to store important files such as documents, videos, and pictures and increase in this importance as a number of services and products go digital.

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