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shutterstock_247124653edit-292x195It’s actually really tough for some people to leave work at work when they go on vacation. If you consider yourself a workaholic, then you might be one of those people. It can be difficult to leave behind your emails, your communication, your to-do list, and everything else that comes to mind at work. If you’re a manager, boss, or owner, leaving all that at home is especially difficult. You might ask yourself, how will the company keep going without me? What if something pressing happens while I’m away? What if too many people call in sick and no one is there to handle the work? It’s all those how’s and what if’s that create unnecessary levels of stress when you should be relaxing on vacation. Continue reading “How to Leave Work at Work on Vacation” »

mobile-hotspotWiFi was proposed in the early 90s, and since, have provided Internet users with convenient access to the World Wide Web through the wireless local area network (WLAN) with the help of a router. The difference between WiFi and hotspots, however, is that WiFi runs through a wirless router, while a hotspot is a wireless acces point provided by a hardware device, such as a phone.

The problem with WiFi, however, is that it’s not always where you need it–in the car, on a train, or even in a hotel. Sometimes, you have to pay for Internet in hotels or businesses, but hotspots are giving users the convenience of having Internet access wherever you need it. Continue reading “Why Hotspots Are Better than Traditional WiFi” »