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Tech WordsBuzzwords. We all hear them. Often times, they exclaim the name of some new technological advancement. The term “web commerce” takes two basic terms and defines a new meaning. So, what is web commerce?

The definition is simple. It is a form of commerce that occurs electronically that is usually carried out through the World Wide Web. Sending email and using other means of the internet can also function as a method of web commerce. It has become a fairly basic, common means by which companies can display their products, along with information and pricing. It is incredibly convenient and most of us use it in everyday life.

The only downside, however, is that the customer cannot have the experience one would have in an actual store where they are able to observe and examine tangible products. The upside is that internet users can browse a seemingly endless array of products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means that one could browse service information for something like hard drive recovery services which companies in their area offer.

Print design, television or radio campaigns are some ways or relaying information about products to potential consumers. The most common approaches to advertising today, however, are through using web banners or email. Many companies also use what’s called affiliate marketing strategies. When making use of this strategy, companies will offer a reward to one or more consumers per person that they get to buy into the product.

Often confused with referral marketing, which functions using referrals, affiliate marketing is based on financial incentive rather than trust or word of mouth. One example of a company using web commerce would be Data Recovery Group, which has a key specialization in a technology-based industry. They offer hard drive recovery services and provides a help line. Check out their services today!

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