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A recent trend in weddings is to have an “unplugged” ceremony and sometimes even receptions too. This means having guests turn off their phones are turn them in at the beginning of the ceremony. Capturing the moment of your big day can get tricky when everyone has their phones out trying to get a good shot. You can even make a DIY sign to kindly ask guests to unplug during your wedding. Here are some reasons why you should consider a technology free wedding.


Enjoy your venue’s scenery

This especially applies if you’re hosting a destination wedding or a wedding with scenic views like wedding venues in Washington. Being unplugged allows guests to enjoy the sights and sounds of your venue without being distracted by a device. Minimizing phone use is great for a night ceremony so you can focus on the stars instead of flashing cameras.

Lets the photographer do their job

A wedding photographer’s job is to capture all the candid and sweet moments during the wedding. This gets tricky when relatives are trying to be their own photographers by standing in the aisle. You don’t want your photographer to miss the kiss or be berated by a guest for getting in the way of their picture. Flashes from other cameras can also ruin their great pictures. Having just photos from a photographer makes your wedding that much more special and a surprise when you get the photos back.

Guests will be more aware

You planned a big day to celebrate your marriage. It’s better to have guests fully present so they don’t miss something when they’re behind a screen. This will help everyone enjoy their time and partake in real conversations.

You’ll have nicer photos

A photographer’s job is to make you look fabulous on your wedding day. Camera flashes and others standing near the photographer trying to take photos can make their photos more low quality. You won’t have random cell phone images circulating online from your mother’s not so great photography skills that make you look less than flattering. You can always tell guests you will share photos with them once they’re available.


Whether this applies to you or not, you won’ have as many photos circulating online for anyone to see. If you only have a photographer taking photos, you can put them online only if you want to. This helps keep your wedding intimate if you’re the type of person who doesn’t want their whole lives online.

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