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Many people and sources encourage others to put the technology away while on vacation. But, little do they know that technology could help tourists before and during their vacation. Here are eight pieces of technology that could help your next vacation and make your future travel plans even better.

Before Your Trip – KAYAK is a site that helps people make the best travel decisions online. This website pulls information from other travel websites including airlines, hotels, and car rentals. You can create your best vacation by searching hundreds of the best travel packages. – This website is always on the lookout for airfares, especially cheap airfares. It pulls prices from plenty of different airlines, and allows you to compare different prices to one another.

Hitlist – This app helps you create the vacation you’ve always wanted to go on. You can search potential destinations using keywords and get tips about those potential destinations. You can also share your travel itinerary with your friends to get a group going. – This is the world’s largest travel site. It helps you book the best hotels by providing you with a number of reviews from people who have visited there. They also provide lists of the top things to do at the places you want to travel to.

Hopper – This app helps you decide when is the best time to book your flights. It is an app that uses data and analytics to figure it out.

During Your Trip

Beachy – This app is a must have if you are traveling to the beach. This app sets up services that will deliver beach needs to you including chairs, drinks, food and other beach materials. They deliver to a lot of places, especially in Panama City, Florida.

Travel Butler – This app makes prepping for travel easy! It acts as your personal travel guide all in one. It gives you a packing list with the weather of your destination, where to eat, and what to see in the location that you wish to travel to.

Rechargeable batteries –  When you are traveling, you are too busy to think about charging your phone at certain times. Forget finding the nearest outlet in an unfamiliar place. Carrying around a rechargeable battery allows you to charge your phone whenever and wherever you need to.

This guest post is provided by The Inn at Vaucluse Spring, a romantic bed and breakfast in Virginia.

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