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Luxurious trains2New technology and trains don’t appear to go together. For a transportation technology that has been around for almost two centuries, it would hard to imagine trains being on the forefront of new technologies. But if you take a closer look, trains have been steady in their adaptability and innovation in technology. From remote control locomotives to trains that go over 200 mph, the industry is looking forward to the next best thing. High speed rails are seen in Europe and Asia and could eventually appear in the United States, making a trip from New York to Miami a plausible idea.

But what about the entertainment side of the train industry? Besides transportation, can trains continue to be innovative to develop train entertainment? Similarly, the train industry has gone under the radar in the entertainment industry because they already are leaders in transportation entertainment.

The first reaction to train entertainment might be the new Hogwarts Express train at Harry Potter World or the kiddie train at the local amusement park. But if you look at all that train entertainment has to offer, Hogwarts would seem like a cheap trick.

Trains are the best way to experience America. Whether you’re visiting the Grand Canyon or the northwestern forests, trains are the most unique way to see the land from sea to shining sea. By going on a railway vacation you can enjoy the amenities of lodging, entertainment, food, and drink all from the comfort of a railcar.

In a vehicle, it can easy to be distracted and you will miss the best parts of the American frontier. By enjoying of train vacation you can be engulfed in the beauty of the land without having to worry about logistics, travel, and hotels.

Setting up a train vacation is as easy as a few clicks. Don’t hassle with travel sites and debating which hotel or flight to choose from. Visit America By Rail to discover what types of packages and routes you can choose from.

These rails have all the comforts of a hotel and more. The quality of the ride is smooth so you’ll forget that you were even on a moving train. So take a ride on train entertainment and travel. You’ll be shocked to discover the technological advancements, amenities, and spiritual connection to the nation and beautiful places you’ll visit.

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