Hasz Engineering will provide you with the solution to your needs, whether that is simply to complete a task that you haven’t the resources to assign a software engineer to or taking your idea and writing complete requirements, specification, and project plan documents for it, and even further if you wish.

We have experience from project specification to project completion, and all the steps inbetween! About the only thing we haven’t done is an accounting package! (That’s because we don’t enjoy accounting)

The engineers at Hasz Engineering believe that if you are doing what you enjoy, you will excel at it, and we do.

We have designed hardware for embedded system, and programmed them, along with more common projects like modifications to existing programs, updating legacy software, and creating new applications “from scratch.”

Our software expertise is in the micro-processor world (including PC low level drivers and similar software). Currently we are embarking on the mission of helping clients become Year 2000 compliant.