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Today, it is common for people to search online for real estate listings. We all know that everything looks different in front of a camera lens, but the pictures of a house for sale on an online listing can make or break someone’s interest in a home. It is important to get the best shots possible of the entire property to show the home at its full potential. If you are new to taking your own pictures as a real estate agent, or are even looking to improve your skills, then read through these tips!

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Individuals might not feel the need to have business cards in a world full of technology. Almost everything about business today is digital, even digital meetings are common in a lot of businesses. Technology has helped us in so many ways, but so has networking. One of the best ways to network is to give out your business card. Not only do business cards help you network, but they can give off a good first impression of your brand and they show that you are prepared and ready to do business. Here are a few tips on how to make a great business card that will give a great first impression.

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Technology has changed the way the world works in many different ways. Cars made today run off of electricity instead of gas, almost everything has a touchscreen, and social media is everywhere. One misconception that people have today is that newspapers are dying when they actually are not. Some people might think this is true because you can hop on any social media platform or any electronic device and get a piece of news. People argue that technology is ruining newspapers. The misconception is that no, technology is not ruining newspapers, in some ways it is helping them stay in business. In this article, we will discuss ways in which newspapers are not dying and how technology is helping newspapers instead of hurting them. Continue reading “Why Newspapers Aren’t Dying” »

The next evolution of marketing campaigns is here: SMS marketing. If you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon of this marketing strategy it is about time you did. Brands look to target customers on the move, and SMS marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to reach these customers. SMS Marketing is far easier than companies perceive, and there are countless benefits to using it in your next marketing campaign.sms

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Estimating a plumbing job can be complex. Whether you are building a new home, rehabbing office space, or fixing a broken sink, it can be difficult to put together a plumbing estimate. There are various elements that go into the estimating process such as square footage, measuring, and excavation. Although this all sounds like an intimidating task, by the time you finish this article you should be better informed and have learned how to estimate plumbing jobs.ConstructionPlumbing Continue reading “How to Estimate Plumbing Jobs” »

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download19Whether you have a private pool or a pool open to the public, you might considering having adaptive equipment available for swimmers. If you happen to own a public pool or spa, it is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act to meet certain regulations regarding handicap accessbility to ensure that all are included and allowed to access the pool. You can read the ADA public pool requirements here. While private pools and spas are not required to meet these regulations, some homeowners or private owners might consider having accessible means of entry and exit and other aquatic adaptive equipment for swimmers. These types of equipment can be beneficial to users who might be in wheelchairs or have a disability. There are also many supplies to consider that are great for people who might be doing aquatic exercise and aquatic therapy. Here is some great adaptive equipment and supplies worth considering for your pool or spa: Continue reading “Aquatic Adaptive Equipment for Pools and Spas” »

images-QuestImage-ID-10080897There’s a myth floating around that email marketing is dead. Actually, email marketing is at its all-time-high. It has never been more alive. What do you see on every website you go to? They ask for your email, right? Whether it’s for a weekly newsletter, a product promotion, or a sales promotion, businesses want your email so they can reach you with their updates and promos. And customers and clients are using these emails.

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shutterstock_247124653edit-292x195It’s actually really tough for some people to leave work at work when they go on vacation. If you consider yourself a workaholic, then you might be one of those people. It can be difficult to leave behind your emails, your communication, your to-do list, and everything else that comes to mind at work. If you’re a manager, boss, or owner, leaving all that at home is especially difficult. You might ask yourself, how will the company keep going without me? What if something pressing happens while I’m away? What if too many people call in sick and no one is there to handle the work? It’s all those how’s and what if’s that create unnecessary levels of stress when you should be relaxing on vacation. Continue reading “How to Leave Work at Work on Vacation” »

CTA_BuildARobotThere’s a kid inside all of us, and its hard to not to get a bit excited again when we see the newest tech toys roll out ever year. Here are a few of the top tech toys we’ll be seeing towards the end of 2013.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

LEGO grew up with the 21st century, and their building sets seem to as well. The new Mindstorms EV3 are robot building kits that can be remote controlled. These awesome build it yourself robots won’t be available till the later half of 2016, but lookout for them on the shelves of all toy stores for the upcoming holiday season. Continue reading “Top Tech Toys for the New Year” »